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Detailed information on your and your competitors' rankings.
Updates on changes in landing pages.
We save history of all changes in your and
your competitors' rankings.
Flexible settings for projects, search engines,
regions and schedules.
Free help in compiling the semantic kernel:
import of phrases from various sources.


Snippets for each report item

Now you can view snippets for each item in any search engine. From now on, a snippet window will pop-up when you click on a report item showing you the link to the search results page.

Adding aliases for projects

Now you can add a list of aliases for projects. This is useful when moving your site to another domain, or when your site has more than one alias.

New report export module launched

Today we have launched a new report export module with configurable fields. You can add or remove such fields as: relevant page, keyword group and keyword popularity.

Accurate website keywords rank checking!

10,844 users entrust us with keywords rank checking for 11,723 sites.
Join us!
Easy and Intuitive Interface
for Any User Level

We did our best to make our system interfaces easy and understandable to anyone, with a load of options and tools.

Flexible Schedules
for Position Checking

Setting up schedules for position checking in all search engines allows to minimize expenses and obtain your data at any time.

100% Accurate
Keyword Rank Checking!

Our technical capabilities and experience allow us to identify your site or page URL rank in search engines with maximum accuracy and speed, so you may fully rely on our data.

Excel and HTML Reports
to Email

Important information must arrive promptly. For this purpose, you will be able to sign up for updates sent to your email.

Competition Analysis

We understand how vital it is to keep track of competition. Our position analysis module will give you a clear picture of your competitors’ state of affairs absolutely free-of-charge.

Social Media Groups

Your projects are not limited by certain sites. You may specify addresses of social media groups or any site page, blog, etc. as your URL project. We will track positions of any page, site or group of resources that you specify.